The difference between a 60Hz and a 144Hz monitor is huge, there is no doubt about it. Wichtig bei 4K-/UHD-Monitoren ist, dass die entsprechende Hardware zusätzlich zum Monitor auf dem neuesten Stand ist. Viele 4K-Monitore mit einer Bildschirmgröße von 24 Zoll haben ergonomische Eigenschaften an Bord, die für mehr Flexibilität sorgen. Although only a 75Hz gaming monitor, the ViewSonic VX2457 monitor features quick response time, FreeSync, and numerous gaming features for an affordable price. Apart from that, the viewing angles are as expected of a TN panel monitor and amount to 170/160 degrees. That’s over 8 million pixels more than 1080p, enough to fit four Full HD movies on your screen. Check out all the latest monitors from LG – including our 4K , IPS and gaming monitors , as well as our LED monitors , and our UltraWide , UltraFine collections – and find the right monitor for your space and your life. These 24.5-inch monitors were released earlier this year and feature all the same specifications as their predecessors from the corresponding series except that they feature a native 240Hz refresh rate. ASUS business monitors feature an integrated webcam, microphone array and stereo speakers for video conferencing and live-streaming. It’s not only design and convenience where the ViewSonic XG2401 PC monitor shines but performance as well. Note that there is only one VGA and one HDMI port available. Most VA panels have response time speed limited to 4ms, but the Samsung CFG70 PC monitor surpasses that and delivers the rapid 1ms response time for next-to-none ghosting of the fast moving objects. Excellent 4K monitor! And with over 8 million pixels, it has four times more than a typical 1080p HD display. Denn nicht jeder Kunde hat soviel Platz auf dem Schreibtisch oder nutzt den Monitor zusätzlich als TV. Overall, the Dell U2415H IPS display is a reasonably priced monitor with premium features, extensive ergonomics and connectivity, flawless design, and stunning image quality. Im Angebot von findest du eine breite Auswahl an 4K UHD Monitoren zahlreicher Marken mit einer Diagonale von 23 bis zu den unglaublichen 64,5 Zoll. 6.4k. Zusätzliche Kraft wird den Bildern durch VESA DisplayHDR™ 600 verliehen: Dank des dynamischen Helligkeits- und Kontrastbereichs können Sie voll und ganz in Ihre Inhalte eintauchen. Meet the official monitors for the various PC eSports tournaments, the BenQ Zowie XL2411 and the BenQ Zowie XL2430. In addition, professional gamers can pick their monitors according to the refresh rate and the adaptive sync technology while the professional designers can rely on our choice for the most accurate monitors for the color-critical work. ASUS VG248QE 61 cm (24 Zoll) Gaming Monitor (Full HD, DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort, 1ms Reaktionszeit) schwarz However, it has limited ergonomics as only the screen is adjustable by around 20 degrees of tilt. Both of these monitors feature the same TN panel with the rapid 1ms response time, flicker-free screen, 144Hz refresh rate, and a low blue light filter which allows for hours of playing without straining your eyes. It’s one of those rare good but cheap things. The Dell UltraSharp U2415H professional monitor can be used for many purposes due to its extensive connectivity, ultra-slim design, and highly accurate IPS panel. 32M70A. Once we embark on a hunt for a new monitor, some of us will require from it to offer us a specific feature and specifications, whether that is a high refresh rate, specific panel type, or a certain resolution. Naturally, the screen is flicker-free and has a blue light filter which will along the comfortably curved screen allow you to enjoy working, watching movies, and playing video games for hours without straining your eyes. This item can be used to remove distractions and keep you immersed in your video game. The narrow bezel makes for a cinematic viewing experience as the picture simply pops out. For enhanced gameplay experience, there is the AOC Shadow Control feature which increases the visibility in the dark scenes and FreeSync adaptive sync technology. It is very affordable as well as offering great value for the money. Bei der Preisspanne ist für jeden etwas dabei: die günstigsten Modelle kosten knapp über 200 Euro während die höherpreisigen Alternativen im vierstelligen Bereich liegen und aber die beste auf dem Markt erhältliche Leistung … I purchased this monitor to see if it would be an upgrade to my previous setup which was a Dell U3415W 34" ultrawide monitor with 3440 x 1440 (WQHD) resolution along with a Asus 24" VG248QE 1080p monitor as a secondary display. You can pick between the two according to your personal preference of the design or pick whichever is on the sale, you won’t be disappointed by either one. Another difference is the refresh rate since the Acer XB241YU display can be overclocked to 165Hz whereas the Acer XB241H maxes out at 180Hz. 53x30 cm (BreitexHöhe) und die Fläche auf 15,9 dm². Der Umstieg von 24 auf 28 Zoll kann anfangs gewöhnungsbedürftig sein. However, when it comes to 144Hz vs 240Hz, there are more things you should take into account. Dabei ist bei einem 4K Monitor 24 Zoll natürlich nur die reine Displaygröße gemeint - der Monitor an sich ist natürlich Größer je nachdem wie breit die Umrandung des Displays ist. The monitor also offers plenty of ergonomic features including a VESA mount compatibility and height adjustable stand riser with a scale. Hier im Angebot: Besides the difference in the resolution, the AOC AGON AG241QG display offers G-Sync instead of FreeSync, it’s overclockable to 165Hz, and features an 8-bit color TN panel. In addition, the Game Mode Loader software allows you to download picture settings from professional players and apply them to your monitor. I bought a Ryzen 5 3600 from Microcenter, but they gave me a 3600x. ¹ Kein offizieller Monitor Test – wir berichten über Ultra HD Monitore – doch anders als andere Test-Magazine hatten wir einige die Produkte nicht zum Bewerten selbst in der Hand. Whether you're looking for curved monitors for work, a 4K or 5K solution for your home office, or need a new gaming monitor to elevate your play, we've got you covered. 513 comments. However, if you’re a high-end competitive player, you won’t skip a chance to gain the edge over your opponents with the state-of-the-art 240Hz gaming monitors. 3840x2160 QFHD, 4K, UltraHD, UHD-1; 3840x2400 WQUXGA; 4096x2160 DCI 4K; 5120x2880 5K; 7680x4320 8K UHD, UHD-2; 7680x4800 WHUXGA; Display sizes 6" 13.3" 14" 15.6" 17.3" 23" 24" 27" 28" 32" 37" 43" 47" 50" 60" 65" 75" 85" More importantly, both monitors offer the Black eQualizer feature which increases the visibility in the dark scenes of video games as well as a well-known feature of the BenQ monitors, the Blur Reduction. LG 24MP59G-P 60 cm (24 Zoll) Gaming Monitor (LED, IPS-Panel, AMD FreeSync, DisplayPort, 5ms Re… Acer Predator XB273K 4. Your best bet is the LG UltraFine 4K display, thanks to its versatility and price. However, they also produce less accurate colors as well as less wide viewing angles which result in colors contrasting when viewed from different angles. Moreover, FreeSync significantly improves the gameplay performance at 4K. So sind viele Monitore dreh -, schwenk - sowie neigbar. There is a VGA, a DisplayPort, and an HDMI port available as well as 2x2W built-in speakers. Introducing the Acer Predator XB241H and the ASUS ROG Swift PG248Q. The FreeSync technology can be used with compatible AMD graphics cards while G-Sync works only with Nvidia graphics cards. All in all, the Acer XB241H and the ASUS PG248Q G-Sync displays offer everything a professional or aspiring gamer might need for their heated gaming sessions. 4.1 out of 5 stars 1,515. There is an HDMI 1.4, an HDMI 2.0, and a DisplayPort at the back of the monitor. Keep in mind that you can use a FreeSync monitor with the Nvidia graphics card and vice versa, but you won’t be able to use the adaptive sync feature in that case. The colors are a bit weak out of the box, but once properly calibrated they can appear much more vibrant. Mitte 2014 waren 24 Zoll 4K Monitore noch rar und sehr teuer. Dell P2219HC / 22 Zoll Full-HD Schnäppchen. Like in most of the BenQ gaming monitors, the black equalizer makes sure that you have increased visibility in the dark scenes of the games. It also has limited ergonomics since the only adjustable option is tilt by -5,15 degrees; furthermore, it is not VESA mount compatible. Simply put your compatible mobile phone on the base of the Samsung S24E370DL and let it charge while it’s within your sight as you work or play video games. Additionally, the LG 24MP68VQ FreeSync monitor comes with a CD with software for an on-screen display which allows you to adjust OSD settings in a desktop application and the Screen Split feature for splitting the screen into fourteen different layouts. All of the other features and specifications are identical, so it’s a choice between a better image quality or a slightly better performance. Even if you have that large, lovely 16-inch Macbook Pro, that one monitor is not always enough for all the incredible things you'd like to do and see with your computer.If you're looking for some of the best monitors for Mac, you've come to the right place. The Samsung C24F390 features a VA panel which delivers 178-degree viewing angles, the superior 3,000:1 contrast ratio, and a rapid 4ms response time. The AOC G2460PF monitor costs nearly as much as the ASUS VG248QE 144Hz monitor, but yet it offers the exact same specifications and in addition, the FreeSync technology. Moreover, this gaming monitor offers 144Hz refresh rate and its TN panel allows for 1ms response time speed but at cost of 170-degree horizontal viewing angle and 160 degrees vertically. Unlike the previously mentioned monitor, the Acer R240HY IPS display features no adaptive sync technology and it’s limited to 60Hz. The higher resolution allows for a more detailed image quality as well as more vibrant colors thanks to its superior TN panel that covers 100% of the sRGB color gamut and offers the 6-axis color configuration in the OSD. Die Größe eines 4K Monitors hängt oft vom persönlichen Geschmack ab. For those who seek a remarkably detailed and spacious 24-inch gaming monitor the AOC AGON AG241QX will deliver. The 1080p resolution on a 24-inch monitor provides sufficient desktop space and crisp image quality for high-quality gaming and movie watching experience. Apart from the USB ports, connectivity options include an HDMI port and a DisplayPort. When it comes to the connectivity options, there are two HDMI ports with MHL support, a DisplayPort, mini-DisplayPort, and the DisplayPort-out for daisy-chaining, an audio line-out, and five USB 3.0 ports at the back, one of which supports fast battery charging. Moreover, the ASUS VG248QE gaming monitor features full ergonomic functionalities including pivot function and VESA mount. Now, the bezel is somewhat thick but the overall appearance of the monitor is more elegant and modern than on pictures and for the money it costs, it’s totally reasonable. The difference between the 144Hz and 165Hz won’t significantly improve the performance quality to an average player; in fact, some may not even notice it. Asus ROG Swift PG27UQ 6. The sleek design offers plenty of ergonomic features such as the ability to tilt, swivel, pivot, adjust height, and VESA mount compatibility. Z-Edge 28-inch Gaming Monitor Ultra HD 4K 3840x2160 TN LED Monitor, 300 cd/m², 1 ms Response Time, HDMIx2+DPx2, Built-in Speakers, FreeSync Technology 4.1 out of 5 stars 18 $239.99 $ 239 . Keep in mind, however, that only DisplayPort and the DVI port support the 144Hz refresh rate. There’s plenty of connectivity options available including three HDMI ports, a VGA, a Dual-Link DVI, the headphones jack, and an audio line-in port. The ergonomic functionalities include the ability for height adjustment from 0 to 120mm, pivot by 90 degrees, tilt by -5, 22 degrees, and swivel by 175 degrees as well as VESA mount compliance. Dell Ultra HD 4K Monitor P2415Q 24-Inch Screen LED-Lit Monitor, Black. These two monitors are identical when it comes to the performance, price, and image quality, and differ only by the OSD menu (The ASUS PG248Q monitor has a more user-friendly OSD menu) and design. Infos zum Bewertungssystem. The monitor is charmingly slim and has a very narrow bezel while the screen is coated with an anti-glare coating. Went to pick up my online order in-store, and left with a nice surprise. A perfect complement to your Mac, the UltraFine 4K Display gives you plenty of room for a multitude of tools and windows, while rendering incredibly lifelike images and razor-sharp text instantaneously. Both monitors also have the headphones and microphone jacks as well as an anti-glare screen coating and versatile ergonomics including height adjustment, tilt, and VESA mount compatibility. They have one HDMI and one DisplayPort 1.2 as well as 2x2W built-in speakers. Keep in mind that the BenQ Zowie RL2460HT TN monitor allows for the unique head-to-head combat setup which allows you to split an HDMI connector and stream or record your gameplay with zero lag. 144Hz refresh rate, adaptive sync technology, and 1ms response time are the key specifications of a great gaming monitor for competitive gaming. In addition, its design besides looking gorgeous also offers extensive ergonomics including the ability to tilt, pivot, adjust height, rotate, and VESA mount. First of all, a 240Hz monitor is quite expensive by itself, not to mention all the computer equipment you’re going to need to power it, we’re talking two Titan X graphics cards for low settings to have a consistent 240 FPS in demanding video games. All in all, it’s an amazing gaming monitor with a surprisingly good performance and image quality for its price tag. Another great and affordable 4K monitor that can parry the Dell P2415Q is the 23.6-inch ASUS MG24UQ 4K display. Not only does this revolutionary monitor offer an amazing image quality and flawless performance but a perfect gaming experience as well. © 2021 144Hz Monitors. The IPS panel limits the response time to 6ms in the fast mode, which makes it unusable for the professional FPS gamers, however, casual gamers will rather enjoy the vibrant image quality and sharp resolution. Zudem lassen sich die Bildschirme oftmals in ihrer Höhe verstellen und so optimal auf Deine Bedürfnisse einstellen. Easy mobile connection via wireless DeX, Tap View and mirroring. Asus ROG Strix XG27UQ 3. The AOC AG241QX 1440p monitor offers full ergonomic versatility including VESA mount and pivot function. 99 Alle Angaben ohne Gewähr. It features the FreeSync technology up to 75Hz, 5ms response time, and some exclusive gaming features. Connectivity includes a VGA, a DisplayPort, and two HDMI ports. Like most of the ASUS gaming monitors, the ASUS MG24UG 4K UHD monitor provides you with the GamePlus and the GameVisual features which allow you to place a custom crosshair on your screen as well as a timer and an FPS counter. So, there’s no need to upgrade from a 144Hz monitor to 165Hz solely for the refresh time increase unless you’re a professional competitive player. Ein Monitor mit einer Größe von 24 Zoll hat eine Bildschirmdiagonale von 61 Zentimetern. 8.5k. The image quality is superb with vibrant and consistent colors thanks to the PLS panel. LG 27GN950-B 2. BenQ SW321C PhotoVue; Dell 4K S3221QS Curved Monitor; Asus TUF Gaming VG289Q; Philips Brilliance 328P ; LG Ultrafine 24MD4KL ; BenQ PD2700U ; … Da dies aber die am meisten verkaufte Bildschirmgröße ist werden sicherlich noch sehr viele Hersteller in diese Segment einsteigen. Up next, you should take the adaptive sync technology into the account. I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Additionally, it includes a GamePlus feature which allows you to place a fixed crosshair and a timer on your screen. Furthermore, the EyeProtect ensures flicker-less screen which allows you to play for hours to an end without stressing your eyes. It features an IPS panel with highly accurate and consistent colors that cover 100% of the sRGB color space and 4ms response time for next-to-none ghosting of the fast moving objects in video games. (1.776 Kundenbewertungen) LG … No ghosting, 1ms response time. These technologies allow for a dynamic refresh rate, meaning that your GPU will synchronize its frame rate with the monitor’s refresh rate. Vielleicht ist es an der Zeit, auf den besten 4K-Monitor upzugraden, den du 2021 kaufen kannst. In the OSD menu, you can also customize and swap between well-optimized gaming presets for FPS, RTS, and RPG genre of games. Auch deswegen sind die meisten 4K-/Ultra-HD-Monitore etwas größer und erst ab einer Diagonale von 24 Zoll verbreitet. Besides offering the awesome 144Hz refresh rate, rapid 1ms response time, FreeSync, and low input lag performance, this gaming monitor also provides you with a plethora of connectivity options. Best 4K gaming monitors at a glance: 1. The first one, eSaver, allows you to set custom timers and actions when the monitor should turn off or enter the standby mode while the iMenu allows you to adjust all the OSD settings in a desktop application. Auf den "kleineren" Monitoren wirkt die neue UHD-Auflösung noch viel imposanter, da die Pixeldichte natürlich ansteigt. There is a VGA, a DVI, and an HDMI port at the back as well as the headphones jack. Außerdem passt der Monitor mit 24 Zoll noch auf jeden Schreibtisch und es ist möglich das Bild ganzheitlich zu betrachten, ohne dass man seinen Kopf bewegen muss. Granted that there is absolutely no screen tearing present in comparison to some minor visible tearing on 144Hz monitors, it still requires quite a demanding and expensive computer setup which makes them suited only for the high-end professional FPS gamers. Das sagt COMPUTER BILD im großen Vergleichstest von 16 Monitoren in drei Größen (24, 27 und 28 Zoll) und mit drei verschiedenen Auflösungen (Full HD, WQHD und 4K). It offers full ergonomic abilities including pivot and VESA mount compatibility. EndoVue Plus 4K 55” EndoVue Plus 4K 32” EndoVue Plus 24” EndoVue Plus 19” EndoVue 32” EndoVue 24” EndoVue 21” EndoVue 19” Wireless Imaging. The BenQ XL2411 TN monitor features a VGA, a Dual-Link DVI, and an HDMI port while the BenQ XL2430 has two HDMI ports, a VGA, a DVI-DL, and a DisplayPort 1.2. For all of you out there who find 24-inch monitors to be a perfect size, now you can find your perfect monitor with certainty and next-to-none effort, whether it’s for casual or competitive gaming, photo editing and designing, or on a budget for everyday activities. Additionally, there are four USB ports, 2x3W built-in speakers, and a device for quick navigation through the OSD menu called the Quick Switch Controller. Additionally, you can swap between the 60Hz, 100Hz, 120Hz, and 144Hz refresh rates. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Best 24-Inch 4K Monitors. The design may not have as slim bezels as most of the modern monitors, but its textured gray finish and the stylish red bottom bezel make up for it by its enticing appearance. Nowadays, there are even 4K resolution 24-inch monitors which provide amazing image clarity and vibrancy; note the picture below. M7 Series 32M70A. However, they offer a superior contrast ratio which amounts to 3,000:1 in this case. As you can see in the list above, most of the gaming monitors feature a TN panel while photo editing monitors and regular consumer monitors have IPS panels. LG 27GL850-B Gaming-Monitor mit speziellem Gaming-Modus. But if you’re upgrading from a 60-75Hz standard monitor, you could go straight for a 165Hz monitor since they’ve dropped in prices lately. Since most of the 120Hz monitors are discontinued or replaced by 144Hz monitors, we’ll leave them out. In short, there isn’t anything the Samsung C24FG70 FreeSync monitor is missing, yet it is available for a quite appealing price. Kompakt, hohe Qualität und gute Verarbeitung sind das Wichtigste. Unfortunately, cheaper but better cannot be said about many things, but the Dell P2415Q is an exception as it surpasses the image quality, design characteristics, and performance of all the 4K monitors in its price range. Unfortunately, cheaper but better cannot be said about many things, but the Dell P2415Q is an exception as it surpasses the image quality, design characteristics, and performance of all the 4K monitors in its price range. They feature the G-Sync technology, a native 144Hz refresh rate that you can overclock to a whopping 180Hz, a rapid 1ms response time of the TN panel, and a crisp Full HD resolution. All rights reserved. So, if you have a compatible AMD graphics card and a limited budget for a monitor, the AOC G2460PF is the way to go. Der Kopf muss weiter gedreht werden als gewohnt. Like 144Hz monitors, the 4K resolution has its requirements when in comes to the smooth gameplay experience, so make sure you have the proper computer equipment. und ggf., zzgl. The screen is covered with an anti-glare 3H coating which entirely eliminates the sunlight reflection. UHD Smart Monitor - The World’s 1st Do-It-All Screen. Das hat auch einen Grund: Ein 24 Zoll UHD Monitor hat mit einer Auflösung von 3840x2160 Pixeln eine optimale Darstellungsfläche für Office-Tätigkeiten aber auch Home-Entertainment wie Gaming oder Fernsehen. It has all ergonomic abilities including the ability to pivot which makes it ideal for various different multi-display setups as its bezel is only 6.9mm thick. It’s also important to note that its TN panel features 160-degree viewing angles which may not affect your gameplay while sitting in front of the PC, but if you’re watching a movie from a distance and at an angle, colors can shift in tone unless you adjust the proper angle by tilting the screen. Although a 1440p resolution is more popular among 27-inch monitors, on a 24-inch screen it will provide plenty of space and will most likely be scaled, depending on the personal preference of an individual user, which will again result in highly detailed picture quality. $399.00$399.00. Remote Access and Office 365 let you work and learn from anywhere. Let us know in the comments if you think we’ve missed any great 24-inch monitors while we keep the list up to date. Dies sorgt für optimalen Komfort. Moreover, the Acer XF240H gaming monitor allows for long hours of uninterrupted gameplay without feeling eye fatigue thanks to its flicker-free screen and low blue light filter. Die atemberaubende Farbtiefe wird aber auch Gamer und Filmfans begeistern. 4K » Viotek GFI27QXA – 4k, 120hz overclocks to 144hz. Samsung gives us yet another 24-inch monitor with an innovative technology, this time with the Qi wireless charging base. The VA (Vertical Alignment) panel monitors are somewhere in between IPS and TN panel monitors as they too provide vibrant colors and the impeccable 178-degree viewing angles like the IPS, although a bit less accurate colors. The PLS panels are a more budget-friendly version of the IPS, but they also provide you with the impeccable viewing angles, quick response time, 4ms in this case, and brilliant colors. In addition, the AOC G2460PF TN monitor has some exclusive features including the 2x2W built-in speakers and two software applications on a CD. Just like our previous AOC model, this monitor also comes with e-Saver and iMenu software. The flawless experience is ensured by G-Sync, 1ms response time, and 165Hz refresh rate. Although Dell is more popular for their photo editing and professional monitors, the Dell S2417DG is a gaming beast dressed in a beautifully designed cabinet and ultra-thin bezels ideal for multi-display. Regardless of all the minor drawbacks, this monitor delivers a surprisingly immersive and crisp image quality for its price and it looks enticing! The UltraFine 4K Display features a 23.7-inch IPS panel, P3 wide color gamut, and 500 cd/m² of brightness. However, this monitor boasts the 3840×2160 resolution. Whether you’re looking for a monitor for everyday use, casual or competitive gaming, or photo editing, we have you covered. It features a TN panel with 2ms response time, crisp and vibrant image quality with a blue light filter and flicker-free screen. It’s basically the same perfect model as the Dell U2415H PC monitor including the factory calibration, extensive connectivity, and the ultra-thin design. Die LG 4K Ultra HD Monitore decken sogar 99% sRGB und bis zu 98% des DCI-P3 Farbraums ab. Besides offering precise and consistent colors, the IPS panel monitors also deliver the impeccable viewing angles of 178 degrees and solid 4ms response time that although may not be quick enough for professional players, it is sufficient for the average gamer. The design is ultra-thin measuring only half an inch in width while the glossy black cabinet and the metallic silver finish make for a modern and alluring look. Der 27-Zoll-Monitor löst standardmäßig in 4K-UHD bei 120 Hz auf ... Gleiches gilt für die gewünschte Bildschirmdiagonale: zwischen 24 und 38 Zoll ist im 4K-Bereich alles vertreten. The ViewSonic XG2401 features a gamer-inspired design with versatile ergonomics and attractive red color accented appearance. This results in a more steady FPS (Frames Per Second) rate, no screen tearing or stuttering, and reduced input lag within the dynamic range.